Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages is the brainchild of safari industry veterans, Andy and Sonja Webb. It is the luxurious new addition to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, an award winning wildlife conservancy on Kenya's Laikipia plateau. Tucked away along an acacia studded river line, in the heart of the wilderness area The Safari Cottages offer the comforts of home, exclusivity and a wonderful wildlife experience. Each cottage is entirely self sufficient, including a private chef, guide and customised 4WD safari vehicle at no extra cost. You will spend your days with one of our highly trained and knowledgable guides, exploring Ol Pejeta's open plains and secret valleys by day and night. You'll find lions, leopards, elephant, rhino and more. You'll indulge in decadent, lazy lunches and dinners on your verandah, tucking into Sonja's world renowned cuisine and listening to Andy regale 40 years of wild and fascinating bush tales.


Moja Juu and Moja Chini are our two single bedroom cottages. Ideal for couples or small families they are tucked away in the bush away from the main areas with views across the acacia studded river line.


Our pioneer cottage, Mbili is the largest and most central cottage. Two ensuite bedrooms open out onto an extensive verandah and look over the river to the plains beyond. Perfect for families and friends.


Tatu is the younger brother of Mbili. These two are within walking distance if groups want to take up both cottages, but also hidden away enough for those who want privacy from their neighbours. 

The “cottage” is much more than a cottage. It’s a gorgeous house with two bedrooms, a giant living room, and a picturesque veranda overlooking the reserve. When we arrived, elephants paraded past the porch as if on cue.