We're on your schedule. Whether you are up early, searching for that leopard you heard calling in the night or cuddled up on the verandah sofa watching the sun rise with a steaming cup of coffee, we aim to make every day unforgettable. You will find yourself just as much at home laughing with our team of lovely staff as you will out on the plains tracking lions and identifying birds, and that’s just the way we like it.

Everything here is done at your own pace, and no matter your interest is you can linger as long as you like. In fact, the longer the better, we hate goodbyes.

"Having been on safari numerous times all over Kenya, it was very special to have what felt like our own home while in the middle of the wild."

— Mrs. V. K. June 2017″


On Safari

Ol Pejeta Safari Cottages offer a wealth of game viewing opportunities and experiences and Andy’s track record of more than 35 years as a professional guide means he is renowned as one of the best safari operators of his generation. Now he has used that expertise to hand-pick some of the best Kenyan guides available for his guests.

Our team of professional guides know the best game viewing areas, understand the intricacies of the African bush and are keen to share that knowledge with visitors. With your own personal guide and 4WD available throughout your stay, visits to the Safari Cottages are as perfectly suited for those with more specialist interests, such as keen photographers or birdwatchers, as they are for those keen to tick off the “big five”.


  • Dawn drive with a bush picnic
  • All morning game drive
  • Full day game drive with picnic breakfast and/or lunch
  • Equator line bush breakfast
  • Afternoon sundowner drive
  • Spotlight night drive
  • Bush walks
  • Specialist bird walks with Andy


Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy also offers plenty of additional activities (some at extra cost), including a visit to the Endangered Species Boma, home to the last remaining northern white rhinos in the world and hosting a breeding project for the endangered Grevy’s zebra and Jackson’s hartebeest. You can see these magnificent animals close up and find out more about the Conservancy’s anti-poaching strategies. A short drive away is Jane Goodall’s Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, providing a safe refuge for chimpanzees that have been rescued from captivity and the bush-meat trade.

Day Trips

The beautiful scenery of the Aberdare mountain range includes montane forest, bamboo thickets, rolling moorlands and magnificent waterfalls, making it a photographer’s paradise. The park provides a habitat for creatures including the rare mountain Bongo, Giant Forest Hog, Colobus and Sykes monkey and boasts well over 250 species of birds, some of them endemic.

Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa and the scenery surrounding this designated World Heritage Site is breath-taking. It is pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and a selection of rare and endangered species of animals, high altitude adapted plains game and unique montane and alpine vegetation. We’ll pack you a picnic and walk the forest and moorlands learning more about the unique flora and fauna, not to mention incredible views.